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Mateo Klemmayer

Mateo Klemmayer started dancing at the Tanzgymnasium in Essen-Werden as well as the State Ballet School of the Hamburg State Opera under John Neumeier.


His first engagement took him to the Zurich Ballet. This was followed by the Boston Ballet, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet.

Mateo went through all ranks from Corps de Ballet Dancer to 1st Soloist.

Mateo also guested as a 1st Soloist in place such as: Helsinki, Madrid, Rome....etc.


Besides having created several Solos and Pas de Deuxs for Competitions, and Gala Performances, Mateo choreographed 4 Ensemble Works.

2008 he choreographed " my head is your head is" on dancers of the Boston Ballet.

It has been performed in Boston, Dusseldorf/ Germany and Bytom/Poland.

2009 he choreographed " la rue" on Dancers of the San Francisco Ballet which has been performed in Warsaw/Poland, Krakau/Poland and Cologne/Germany

2010 he choreographed " Stufen" and "worst case scenario" with Dancers from San Francisco Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Hannover Ballet and three Actors. " Stufen" has been performed in Cologne in the Symphony Hall.

Also 2010 he choreographed " Danse" with 80 socially disadvantage Children which was performed in the Symphony Hall in Cologne.


His interest in cooperating with all different kinds of Artforms, and other Peoples interest in supporting Mateo made him start his own Company, m & company, in 2007.


2009 he was asked to be the artistic director of " Ballett fuer Koeln"


Since 2010 Mateo is General Manager of the Company Plasti meca in France


Since 2011 Mateo is the CEO and main shareholder of the company Polymeroptix