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M & Company – the name says it all

The name may first sound like a typical company, but there is much more to M & Company than meets the eye: Mateo Klemmayer’s plans are ambitious and far-reaching. Klemmayer views his company as a forum in which artists realise projects together with dancers. Poets, painters and sculptors, DJs and musicians, multi-media and performance artists will collaborate with the eachother within a thematic framework determined by its artistic director.

The ‘M’ in M & Company is thus not only the initial of Klemmayer’s first name, Mateo. In German, it also stands for the innumerable Möglichkeiten - possibilities - that can arise from the meeting of ballet and other artforms. ‘M’ stands for motion, music, materials, and for multimedia – in short, for more. Exploring the depths of these possibilities, making new discoveries from new combinations – that is the goal of M & Company.