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" Dancers", Rautenstrauch Joest Museum, 1&2 July 2011 21.30 h

" Dancers"

Dancers tell stories, represent situations that convey emotions, embodying rhythm and sound with their bodies all that is an in detail elaborated technique. Until the appearance on stage, the perfect body control in public, they have for years been working hard.


That time was different for each of those Dancers. The life and background of a Brazilian differs significantly from that of a Russian. A Cuban has to deal with other problems as a German. "Dancers" shows who those dancers are, and what they had to face in their particular environments, even if they do, in principle, all the same.


Every Dancer performing this evening went through training as a classical ballet dancer. But feature interviews, film clips and live performances, will show how different each one of there daily lives are and were.


Geographical origin, physical facilities, social environment, their own personality, are the key factors in the direction that a dancer will take in his professional career.

All that is shown in this Performance.



Premiere 1. Juli 2011 21.30 h

Vorstellung 2. Juli 2011 21.30 h


Rautenstrauch Joest Museum Köln

Cäcilienstraße 29-33

50676 Köln

Phone 0221 / 221 - 313 56



Phone: 0221.22131356



Preise: 17 Euro ( 10 Euro reduced price)



Video-Production and Szenographie:

Kunsthochschule for Medien Köln KHM/


Financed by





JONAS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

"Ihr Partner im Gewerblichen Rechtschutz"


Polymeroptix uk


The Project “ Dancers” is funded by

Kunststiftung NRW

Bezirksregierung Köln

koelnballett-förderer e.V.




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13.03.09 Kunstsalon , Köln

(Dance , videopresentation , Presentation , Photo exhibition  )


Gala International Ballet Stars 2009


20.05.09 Teo Otto Theater , Remscheid

Phone. 02191 162650


26.05.09 Kulturhaus , Lüdenscheid

Phone. 02351 171299

28.05.09 Teatr Rozrywki , Chorzow

Phone. +48(0)323461930



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28.05.08 Kulturhaus Lüdenscheid, 19.30 h,
(Phone 02351 - 171 299, Tickets: E-Mail)

29.05.08 Forum Leverkusen, 19.30 h,
(Phone 0214 - 406 4113, Tickets: E-Mail)

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